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A Singaporean journalist covering social justice, human rights and politics. Sonny Liew's New York Times bestseller The Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye is a winner of 3 Eisner Awards, and was the first graphic novel to win the Singapore Literature Prize. SINGAPORE - The co-founder and editor-in-chief of New Naratif, Ms Kirsten Han, has said that the media platform accepts foreign grant money but does not let contributors influence its editorial decisions.

Three days later, Home Affairs and Law Minister K Shanmugam issued a directive to the States Times Review - a website known for its political stance against the ruling People's Action Party - demanding that they publish a similar correction notice on a Facebook post.

The company also told the media it hoped that the Singapore government's assurances that it will not impact free expression will lead to a measured and transparent approach to implementation". Then there's the unwritten but presumptive cost of damaging a relationship with the government of a country in which Facebook has a significant presence - an estimated 3.5 million Singaporeans, well over half the population, actively use Facebook.

Local publications toe the government line, and over the years, foreign publications that have criticized the government have often been sued—and courts have handed out damages running into millions of dollars. Then there's this piece about the time when the Myanmar military almost decriminalised drug use —which would have marked a significant pivot away from the usual War on Drugs" rhetoric in Southeast Asia.
We are not able to seem to do the things which civil societies can perform in other nations." Amongst the dilemma from the cancellation in the Dissent and Resistance programme which was meant to be kept at Yale-Nus and led by famous playwright Alfian Sa'at, it appears the certain factions on the internet made our minds up to launch an attack on journalist Kirsten Han.

Earlier, in April, some 125 academics around the world who specialize in Southeast Asia had expressed their dismay in an open letter addressed to the government. Her bylines have appeared in publications like The Guardian, Asia Times, Southeast Asia Globe and Waging Nonviolence, covering a range of stories such as labour exploitation, LGBT equality and free speech.

25, Minister for Home Affairs and Law K Shanmugam spoke of the need for new laws to combat foreign interference in domestic threats. The government's attempt to raise Singapore's birth rate may be leaning too far into social engineering, writes author. foreign influence - just click www.singaporeink.net, is a Singaporean freelance journalist and Editor-in-Chief of New Naratif , a platform for Southeast Asian journalism, research, art and community-building.

Her bylines have appeared in publications like The Guardian, Foreign Policy, Asia Times and Waging Nonviolence. Kirsten Han is Editor-in-Chief of New Naratif, and a Singaporean journalist whose work often revolves around the themes of social justice, human rights, politics and democracy.
The group that met with the Malaysian Prime Minister included author Sonny Liew, activist Kirsten Han, and civil rights activist and current Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) member Jolovon Wham. We're looking for people with an elasticity in their views of media and journalism.

She said that while tackling foreign interference is not an objectionable goal, "the way my fellow activists and I have been smeared on social media and in the mainstream press rings alarm bells over who and what is going to be the target of such legislation".

Cheng also asked if Kirsten and her friends denounce and renounce street protests and other western-style acts of civil disobedience, and if they deny they are collaborating with and taking funding from foreign organisations. In 2019, she was awarded a Human Rights Press Award for her commentaries on the issue of fake news" and freedom of expression in Singapore and Southeast Asia.