Diesel Quartz Mega Super Chronograph Gold Tone Dz4360 Men s Watch A Flawless Minimal

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The Diesel Quartz Mega Super Chronograph Gold Tone DZ4360 Men's Watch clearly proves the brand's expertise about balancing science and art without putting any additional emphasis on either. The outcome is a watch that depicts the passion of the wearer towards blending classic elements to sporty demeanors.

The Diesel Quartz Mega Men's Watch doesn't provide any contrast that might hit the eyes hard. Everything visible about the watch is in varying shades of gold, which provides the watch both subtlety and easy visibility, even under low-light conditions. Its finishing is high class, which is sure to increase the confidence with which you will wear it.

The Diesel Quartz Mega Watch comprises a chronograph that is fairly suitable both for extreme speed and water related sports. It is water resistant to 100 m or 330 ft., which makes it suitable for swimming and snorkeling, but not scuba diving. It can split seconds to their 1/10th fraction and count for up to 60 minutes at a stretch.

Contrary to the usual way a chronograph displays the reading, the Diesel Quartz Men's Watch denotes the regular seconds with the large, central seconds-hand while the three subdials show the seconds-split and the passage of seconds and minutes for the event tracked. The sub dial placed at 6 measures the one second increments while the sub dial at 9 measures the total minutes elapsed, moving a point every time the seconds sub-dial completes a round.

The sub dial at 12 measures 1/10th of a second. These functions are controlled with the two pushers attached above and below the chunky, well-grooved crown.

Overall, if you´re looking for a watch that isn't just a watch and does something else than just showing time, you are in for a treat with the Diesel Watch. It is attractive, looks fun and classy at the same time but more than anything, has a macho, no-nonsense look. It's the watch that you'd like to wear for jazzing up flat outfits.

Whilst the Diesel Quartz Mega Watch has been clearly designed to appeal to younger men, https://baya.com.ng/author/marcher97thomsen/ it´s most definitely suitable for the 30-plus crowd as well, worn with the right outfits; preferably, with the smart-casual Friday office clothing. It is reliable and comfortable without being expensive!

Bottom line: With gold tone dominating all over the sturdy construction, the Diesel Quartz Chronograph Men's Watch is a sleek, bold and functionally fit update to the brand's Mega Chief Collection which became an instant hit immediately and currently, enjoys an iconic status.

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